Reservations Revision & Cancellation Fee

Over the past year, we have found that less inventory is available for owners who have not booked in advance. This was caused by owners that found loop holes in the procedure. They would book their time 24 months in advance; then later revise their dates to add a week at the end instead. This is most common for overlapping months. The other is those that procrastinate banking their week and want to change their dates so they can have a higher exchange power. This eliminates inventory for owners who have not booked their week. We used to have availability for owners thru August, now we have no inventory from June for the remainder of the year.


     • Fee is $150

     • This is for a change of date or cancellation only. There is no charge for a room

        change, name change or to bank the week.


This is new and we understand that everyone is affected by it. We are accumulating suggestions for review by the staff and discussion with the Board at the May meeting. You can email your suggestions to me at


  Reservations Procedures

1)   Reservation request(s) are accepted in writing only. This may be sent via e-mail, fax or by mail. You

may request reservations up to 24 months in advance of the arrival month. (Arrivals for December 24,

2019 may be requested December 1, 2017).

2)   Reservations are processed in the ordered received therefore we may not have an immediate

respond to your request(s). We ask for your patience so we can ensure fairness for all owners.

3)   You may request specific unit(s), floor(s) and/or building wing. Confirmation will be processed based

on date availability. Once the date is established, we will then check the availability of the specific

unit(s), floor(s) and building wing.

4)   Your account MUST be current prior to requesting reservations or banking with an exchange company.

5)   Arrivals are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

6)   Check in is at 4:00 p.m. or later. Check out is at 11:00 a.m. This allows sufficient time for our

Housekeeping team to properly clean the unit. If your unit is available prior to 4:00 p.m., we will

provide you an early check in.

7)   Should you require any assistance, you may contact us at:


Phone  (808) 240-5313


Fax  (808) 240-5186

Reservations FAQ


Q:    When can I book my reservations?

A:    Owners are able to book 24 months in advance by email, fax or regular mail. For instance, if an

        Owner would like to book a week in March 2019 he/she can send an email, fax or regular mail

        received by us on midnight March 1st, 2017.


Q:   Why do we have to submit our reservation request in writing (mail, fax or e-mail.)?

A:    This alleviates any concerns of verbal miscommunication about the dates you are requesting and

keeps our phone lines open.


Q:   Does LBR have an internal exchange system on property?

A:     No, you must go through one of the exchange companies (Hawaii Time Share Exchange Company,

Trading Places International, RCI, Interval International or San Francisco Exchange Company).


Q:    How do we bank our bonus weeks?

A:    Call the phone number on the back of the bonus week certificate.


Request your week(s)
by email, fax or mail.

Reservation Department

Email: Phone: 808-240-5313

Fax:  808-240-5186

Address: 5017 Lawai Rd.

Koloa HI 96756

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