2025 Board of Director Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted through September 20, 2024.

Lawai Beach Resort Timeshare Association has three positions (one representative for each building) up for election each with a three year term. You must be an owner in the building you wish to represent and you may not represent more than one building.


Lika Lani Timeshare Owners Association has one position up for election with a three year term.


Elections will be held at the annual meeting on January 22, 2025.  Click here to download a copy of the nomination form.


For more information or to submit your nomination form, please contact Kehaulani Medeiros at exec.admin@lawaibeach.org or (808) 240-5179.

Owner Accounts Calendar

July (1st week) - 2025 Owner Statements mailed.

October 1st – Payment due on all contract balances.

October 10th – All outstanding balances must be paid in full by close of business (4:00 pm HST)

October 11th – Late Fees of $50 assessed per contract with any outstanding balance. (Section 8.9(c) of your time share by-laws). Statements mailed.

November 1st – Finance charges assessed at 1.5% on any outstanding balance Statements mailed.
**Outstanding amounts are subject to a 1.5% Finance charge assessed on the first business day of each month. **
December 1st – An owner's occupancy rights will be automatically suspended by its association when their account becomes delinquent.  (Section 10.3 and 10.3(f) of your time share by-laws). All confirmed reservations (current and future years will be canceled. Foreclosure process begins.






Maintenance Fee Payment Information
Maintenance fee payments are accepted anytime throughout the year. Incremental payments are allowed, however, the entire account balance must be paid by the due date of October 1st to avoid penalty charges.


Forms of payment accepted: (Payments are processed upon receipt)

1. Credit Card – Visa and MasterCard - a 2% credit card % convenience fee  is assessed. DEBIT and PREPAID CARDS NOT ACCEPTED

2. Check - Payable to Lawai Beach Resort, US FUNDS

3. Cashier's Check / Money Order - Payable to Lawai Beach Resort, US FUNDS


Payment Options

3. By Mail – Send payment to the address below. DO NOT SEND any other correspondence with your payment.

Attention: Owner Accounts
5017 Lawai Road

Koloa, HI 96756



Should your account be placed with a collection agency, one of the following will be used:

Aspen National Collections

P.O. Box 1965

Grand Junction, CO 81502

Phone: 800-283-2797


Continental Central Credit

5611 Palmer Avenue, Ste G

Carlsbad, CA 92010



Maintenance Fee Pre-Payment Policy

In order to bank a future year’s week, you need to pre-pay those year’s fees based on the current year’s fees. Any difference will be billed/credited during the next billing cycle.

Address Update Information

Please be aware that it is an owner’s responsibility to inform the resort in writing of any changes regarding addresses, phone numbers, and email. These changes may be made in your account, by fax to 808-240-5189, or by email to .


Maintenance Fees

Property Tax

Maintenance Fees

Real Property Information

Your time share at Lawai Beach Resort is Real Property. Property taxes are paid by you through your yearly maintenance fees. Below are the figures for the current year's Property taxes per unit type/per week.


Please inquire with your personal tax specialist for any questions regarding this information for deductions on your income taxes.

Property Tax

Contact Us

For questions concerning your owner’s account including maintenance fee payments and ownership issues, please contact Malia Beniamina at or 808-240-5388


For any reservation questions or concerns, including availability, space banking and RCI Points, contact our reservations department by email at , by fax at 808-240-5186 or by phone at


Remember, all reservation requests MUST be in writing by mail, fax, e-mail or on the website reservation form.


*Watch Out for Resale Scams*

Companies Take Advantage of Owners Wanting to Sell. We’re hearing more and more stories of owners who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous con artists calling themselves timeshare resale agents. Here’s the skinny: an owner is convinced by phone or mail that the “resale company” can sell their timeshare quickly, but it costs $500 up-front to list the property, or they require an “appraisal fee.” When an owner tries to contact the company to find out the status of their supposed listing, they find the phone is constantly busy, they can’t talk to a live body, or the line has been disconnected.


A real estate agent must be licensed in the State of Hawaii. Legitimate companies will not require any up-front fees, you don’t pay anything until your unit is sold!


What can you do if this has happened to you? Notify the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau in the state in which the office does business.


Ownership Changes

If there are any changes that would effect your title (i.e. deceased owner, transfer to a trust, marriage, divorce or any transfer of ownership), please forward a copy of documentation and a copy of the newly recorded deed(s) for our files.


Resale Information

If for some reason you find yourself looking to sell your week, your options are:

1. Onsite timeshare resale company, Vision Realty
Edward MacDowell (Broker) 808-651-0660 or

2. Use the resale company of your choice.

3. Sell it on your own.



  Sept 25th    

Board Meeting Dates

Jan 22nd
  May 21st
   Sept 24th    

Jan 28th
May 20th
  Sept 23rd    

Lawai Beach Resort Board of Directors

Thomas Babcock

President of LBR AOAO & TSOA

Alii Representative

Email: Term Expires: 1/ 2026

Cliff Buck

Asst. Secretary of LBR AOAO & TSOA

Coral Representative

Term Expires: 1/ 2026

Bruce Blohowiak

Vice President of LBR AOAO & TSOA
Banyan Representative 
President of Lika Lani AOAO & TSOA

Term Expires (LBR): 1/ 2025
Term Expires (Lika Lani): 1/ 2027

Tim Aboudara, Sr.

Director of LBR AOAO & TSOA
Coral Representative

Term Expires: 1/ 2025

Mark Shepard

Secretary of LBR AOAO & TSOA
Vice President of Lika Lani AOAO & TSOA

Alii Representative

Email: Term Expires (LBR): 1/ 2025
Term Expires (Lika Lani): 1/ 2025

Dr. Julie Evans

Director of LBR AOAO & TSOA
Banyan Representative

Term Expires: 1/ 2026

Michael Harrow

Treasurer of LBR AOAO & Director of LBR TSOA

Coral Representative
Secretary & Treasurer of Lika Lani AOAO & TSOA


Term Expires (LBR): 1/ 2027
Term Expires (Lika Lani): 1/ 2026

Conni Larson

Director of LBR AOAO & TSOA
Alii Representative

Term Expires: 1/ 2027


Edward Kent

Treasurer of LBR TSOA & Director of LBR AOAO
Banyan Representative


Term Expires: 1/ 2027

Rick Takach

Director of LBR AOAO
Whole Unit Representative

Term Expires: 1/ 2026

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